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We truly believe that photography can enrich your life, and the lives of others. Postcards From The Frontier is a FREE weekly publication focused on spreading creativity through the art of photography.

We Are The Explorers

There are some people to whom the world calls more strongly. These are the people who are driven to explore their surroundings, and to find creativity in hidden places. They’re not afraid to rise with the sun, or find out what else is over the horizon. They can be anyone, the man who lives next door, the woman who works with you, but they all share one thing in common; a desire to see what’s never been seen, and create something more lasting than memories. Even though it may seem that the world has already been discovered, there are those who keep the spirit of adventure alive whether they’re walking in the park, or forging new frontiers. We call them the Explorers.

The Photo Frontier's 'Postcards' is a free digital journal for like-minded people to share stories and photos, to inspire and be inspired, and to learn new skills and techniques for living a creative life.

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    Have you ever wondered what the story was behind an image? In postcards we share those photos, the challenges we faced and the stories behind those photos.

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    We are a community of photographers, constantly exploring the frontier. Postcards subscribers will be notified of all our expeditions along with an invite. Or, if we end up in your neck of the woods, we can meet up for a photo jamboree!

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    We highlight the work of fellow Explorers, take deep dives into our favorite photo books and shares creative discoveries from the Frontier itself.

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    Every month we announce a Global Fellowship Expedition where explorers around the world are invited to participate in order to make inspiring photographs focused on a common theme.

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Who Are The Explorers?

The Founders

The Founders
The Photo Frontier was founded by Justin Balog (left) and Armando Martinez (right) in order to create a unique photographic experience and creative community - free from negative criticism, and full of positive inspiration.

Photography is so much more than the photograph. For 30 years, photography has enriched my life by introducing me to new friends and experiences. When Armando and I set out to create The Photo Frontier, we started with the idea of Fellowship and Creative Experience. That's what photography has always been for us and that is exactly what we want The Photo Frontier to be for you. - Justin Balog

Justin & Armando

Justin Balog

Justin has been sharing his photography and knowledge online since 2001, and has been recognized for this efforts in bringing mobile photography into the mainstream. He’s literally written the book on mobile photography, and his groundbreaking tutorial has helped over one million people improve their own photographic skills.

Armando Martinez

For the past 12 years, Armando has run his own retouching and photography studio after getting started in image processing by working for Low Rider magazine. He’s been working with Adobe Photoshop since v2, and is today a recognized leader in all Adobe products, and enjoys sharing his knowledge and skill with a wide audience.

Meet Your Fellow Explorers

  • Mike Andrews
    This has potential to spur my photography onto the next level, then the next level, then the next level. For that I am grateful.
    Mike Andrews
  • Bryon Lippincott
    I have been involved in a lot of photography groups and communities, The Photofrontier community is by far the most friendly and positive community I have ever been a part of. It has also inspired me to get me out of my chair and behind the lens, working to improve my photography on a consistent basis. The training they provide is top of the line, as is the community they have built.
    Bryon Lippincott
  • Mark Garbowski
    Sometimes it feels like witnessing sunrise or climbing a mountain, but it can also feel like a rodeo, or attending a Lightroom seminar. But most importantly it's a box filled with inspiration. My favorite aspect of 'Postcards' are the Monthly Expeditions, where everyone tries to capture an image on a common theme, and then we share our results. One of these Expeditions earlier this year inspired me to go out on my most enjoyable photo outing in a couple of years.
    Mark Garbowski
  • Sue Kaltenbach Ryan
    I’ve had a blast this year with Armando, Justin, and The Photo Frontier. Justin and Armando have a completely approachable way of teaching and sharing their knowledge in a fun (and funny!) way. Not only have my technical and ‘seeing' skills improved, but the guys have helped me understand that playfulness is a key ingredient in the creative process. *Group hug!*
    Sue Kaltenbach Ryan
  • Bob Lussier
    I love The Photo Frontier. Justin and Armando's passion for photography is inspiring and their processing skills are educational. Add into the mix a community of "fired up" photographers walking their own creative paths, and you have a Perfect Storm of inspiration and creativity.
    Bob Lussier
  • Lisa Kappler
    I'm always looking for different ways to approach my photography and I thought the Fellowship Expeditions would not only be fun, but a good challenge to expand my creative processes. So here I am! 2015 has been a good year creatively speaking and I think things will only get better going forward. Thank you again Photo Frontier!
    Lisa Kappler

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