#WE35 is a global visual survey and creative research project conducted by explorers from around the world. The goal of #WE35 is to push your creative boundaries, share in each other’s artistic development, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. All of this, using nothing more than a single 35mm lens. We will achieve this goal through monthly assignments designed to expand your creativity like never before, foster an encouraging community where we can discuss one another's work and provide opportunities for critiques and constructive feedback.

If you're looking to expand your photographic boundaries, share a creative adventure with like-minded explorers, inspire and be inspired, and learn new skills and techniques for living a creative life become a #WE35 Explorer Today!

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Meet Your Fellow Explorers

  • Mike Andrews
    This has potential to spur my photography onto the next level, then the next level, then the next level. For that I am grateful.
    Mike Andrews
  • Bryon Lippincott
    I have been involved in a lot of photography groups and communities, The Photofrontier community is by far the most friendly and positive community I have ever been a part of. It has also inspired me to get me out of my chair and behind the lens, working to improve my photography on a consistent basis. The training they provide is top of the line, as is the community they have built.
    Bryon Lippincott
  • Mark Garbowski
    Sometimes it feels like witnessing sunrise or climbing a mountain, but it can also feel like a rodeo, or attending a Lightroom seminar. But most importantly it's a box filled with inspiration. One big element of that are the Creative Paths, which are detailed instructions for suggested areas to study and engage, but my favorite are the Monthly Expeditions, where everyone tries to capture an image on a common theme, and then we share our results. One of these Expeditions earlier this year inspired me to go out on my most enjoyable photo outing in a couple of years.
    Mark Garbowski
  • Sue Kaltenbach Ryan
    I’ve had a blast this year with Armando, Justin, and The Photo Frontier. Justin and Armando have a completely approachable way of teaching and sharing their knowledge in a fun (and funny!) way. Not only have my technical and ‘seeing' skills improved, but the guys have helped me understand that playfulness is a key ingredient in the creative process. *Group hug!*
    Sue Kaltenbach Ryan
  • Bob Lussier
    I love The Photo Frontier. Justin and Armando's passion for photography is inspiring and their processing skills are educational. Add into the mix a community of "fired up" photographers walking their own creative paths, and you have a Perfect Storm of inspiration and creativity.
    Bob Lussier
  • Lisa Kappler
    I'm always looking for different ways to approach my photography and I thought the Fellowship Expeditions would not only be fun, but a good challenge to expand my creative processes. So here I am! 2015 has been a good year creatively speaking and I think things will only get better going forward. Thank you again Photo Frontier!
    Lisa Kappler

What It Means To Become A #WE35 Explorer

By joining us on our journey, you’ll gain access to all our past, present, and future adventures. You’ll be a part of a community of like-minded, creative people who are here to help, encourage, and inspire you, and for whom you can do the same in return.

You’ll gain access to our full library of videos, pictures, stories, and tutorials covering all aspects of photography from the 'how' to the 'why', and you can share your own adventures as well in the exclusive community, “Explorers the Frontier”.

#WE35 Explorers Get Access to:

  • Monthly #WE35 Expeditions

    Monthly - Global Fellowship Expeditions & Assignments which explorers from around the world are invited to participate in. Together we'll create photographs around a designated theme and discuss our work with an encouraging community of fellow explorers.

  • Image Processing

    1x Weekly - Our video series detailing the “How To” behind creating stunning images.

  • Creative Lessons

    You'll also receive your own mini adventure we call Creative Paths. These guided journeys take you through multiple lessons to expand your creative horizons.

  • Location Videos

    1x Monthly - Our video series delving into the motivation behind our quest for creative image making.

  • #WE35 Explorer Patch

    When you join, we'll send you the official #WE35 Explorer patch so others will know you part of this global project.

  • Community

    Access our private Facebook community called Explorers of the Frontier to ask questions, share ideas and images, encourage, and inspire each other’s creative journey.

  • Complete Course Library

    Beyond the weekly lessons, monthly assignments and encouraging community. When you become a #WE35 Explorer, you'll have immediate access to our entire library of photography courses including our award winning 'Landscape Photography From Planning To Print - Moab'.

  • Digital Journal

    2x Monthly - Our digital journal which highlights the work of fellow ‘Explorers of the Frontier’ and shares creative discoveries from the Frontier itself.

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